Hi, welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! 
We receive  a lot of questions and hope to answer them all individually so if your question didn't get answered below then feel free to email us at dave@jacksonstreet.beer. Beer Club Membership sales have closed for the season. Check back in July of 2018.  --Dave

Q:  What if I'm not a member? Can I still come to Jackson Street Brewing? 
A: The answer is yes, you can come in and drink a delicious craft beer. Members do get discounts and other perks but we will serve all who are 21 and older. We do have root beer for all ages. 

Q: All the beer we make will be sold on the premises.
A: JSB members must pick up their growlers at the brewery – sorry, no shipping. If you are a non-member and just want to stop by for a pint, obviously you must come to our tasting room. We do not sell kegs to consumers. 

Q: When & Where:
A: We are located in downtown Sioux City at 607 5th Street, in between Nebraska and Jackson Street. On the same block as Subway, Fitzgibbons and Wine and Other Old Things, behind the Sioux City Museum.
See our tasting room hours here.  

Q: Do you sell food? 
A: No, not at this time, we do not. But you are welcome to bring food in or have it delivered to 607 5th Street. We also have a few restaurants we can recommend in the area, ask for menus from our server.  We try to have a few munchies for purchase on hand.  

Q: How did you calculate membership costs?
A: The membership prices are designed to be competitive with beer prices at other local pubs and bars. We tried to meet in the middle to give you the best price per pint while covering our costs. We don’t want to charge you more than it costs to get a good craft beer from a local bar, but since our operation is small it won’t be as efficient as a large brewery. 

Q: Why the sell memberships*? Why don’t you just get a loan/investors and open a regular brewery/brewpub?
A: A few reasons, the memberships are a safer way to explore the potential for craft beer in Sioux City. Currently, we are the only brewery in Sioux City. We want to make sure we’ve got good market information before launching a larger scale brewery. Secondly, we believe that by purchasing memberships, our members will become more involved and “invested” in the brewery – giving us a greater chance for success. Lastly, starting a regional brewery or brewpub is incredibly expensive, and we just can’t afford to do it yet. *Membership purchases do not give you shares in the company. 

Q: Can I pay monthly instead of one lump sum payment up front?
A: No, not right now anyway. We need to sell memberships up front so that we have the money to cover startup costs. After our first year of operation, if you choose to renew your membership we may offer a monthly payment option. 

Jackson Street Brewing FAQ's