​​JSB BEER CLUB Membership sales have closed for the year.

Check back in July of 2018. 

Q: I missed my growler fill last month.

Can I fill it today for last month?
A: Sorry, but with the low pricing on growler fills for members, you are responsible for coming to 607 5th Street for a fill in the current month. No saving fills from one month to the next.
Q: Can I fill two mini growlers instead of one 64 oz growlers?
A: Yes, you can, but you must sign up for the TWO MINI's a month membership. You don't need to fill both minis on the same day.
Q: Can I bring ANY empty growler?
A: YES! We do not discriminate based on growlers. We love that people are reusing and recycling glass. Please make sure to rinse and drain after each use : )
Q: I love my high alcohol/sour beers to take home in my growler.  Can I do this with my growler club fill?
A: High alcohol and sour beers are often much more expensive, difficult, and time consuming to produce. Usually if a beer is over 8.2% ABV we charge a $5 up charge for the fill. Sours with higher alcohol or large amounts of expensive fruit may require a small up charge as well, though most average sours we produce will not feature an up charge.
Any other questions? Just ask Dave. CHEERS!