Barrel Release 
Christmas Cranbury Barrel Aged Sour—7.5%
On Tap

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We are waiting for them to carbonate.*** 
Heavily fruited sour made with Wisconsin sour cherries,Sioux City sour cherries, and limes. 

Soured with lactobacillus and brettanomyces.

Aged 11 months in a red wine barrel. Assertively sour, with moderate sweetness to balance things out. Mildly funky brett character.
712 Rye Barrel Aged Barleywine – 12%

On Tap Only! 
Dark and malty English style barleywine with an enormous oak character, smoothed out with age. As sweet and thick

as barleywines come. 23 months old!
Bring your favorite bottle to share from 7pm to 9pm!
Breakfast with Capone

Rye Whiskey Aged Coffee Stout -11.4%
On Tap

***Watch Facebook for bottle release. 
We are waiting for them to carbonate.*** 
Big, bold version of Woodbury County Stout aged for a little less than a year in a rye whiskey barrel. Aged on cacao nibs, real vanilla, and local Caturra Italian dark roast style coffee.
Thick, viscous and sweet Russian Imperal Stout. Sweetness of beer balanced with dark and roasty Italian inspired coffee. More chocolate and roast from generous amounts of chocolate nibs added directly to the rye whiskey barrel. Sweet and spicy rye whiskey barrel notes. 
Nov. 25: Jacked Up Monk – Barrel Aged –12%
On Tap Only! 
High ABV Belgian dark strong aged in a second use barrel from a high ABV Russian imperial stout.
Dangerously drinkable for the high alcohol content.

Slight notes of chocolate picked up from previous beer,

with subtle vanilla and coconut notes from the oak.

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